About us

Nea Yefsi is a supplier of high quality Mediterranean products coming from the best farm-lands in Greece. Starting with our flagship Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) product in 2015, we aim to develop a comprehensive portfolio of natural products that satisfies consumer preferences,whilst ensuring the highest health benefits.

We differentiate ourselves by employing an 100% customer-centric business approach starting with engaging with our customers to understand their preferences and needs, recruiting highly qualified and internationally certified experts, applying the strictest tests to our products, processes, and systems, in order to deliver the product that offers the intrinsic (e.g. taste, aroma) and extrinsic (e.g. packaging) attributes that fully satisfy our customers’ expectations.

The core team of Nea Yefsi consists of qualified food chemists and engineers that enable our company to ensure the best combination of the benefits of traditional and industrial processes, focusing on products that are completely natural, healthy and full of taste.

We work with a variety of suppliers all over Greece to ensure that your product is of high quality, natural and according to your taste.