• Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Product details

Pure superior quality extra virgin olive oil, using a unique blend of Greek olive varieties to achieve the reach taste,  intense fruitiness and well balanced pungent and bitterness characteristics.

The careful selection of raw materials, processes used, and package ensure that all the precious nutrients are well balanced and preserved.

It comes in the following packaging:

  • Bag-in-box: 5lt, 10lt*
  • Tin: 4lt*
  • Glass bottle: 250/ 500 / 750/ 1000 ml*

Nutrition info

  • Energy
  • Fat
  • Carbohydrates
  • Protein
  • Salt

Quality matters

We have selected the best EVOO varieties with a big range of fruitiness/aromas and tastes that meet the highest percentage of our customers’ preferences. NeaYefsi extra virgin olive oil is distinguished for its aroma, vivid colour, rich flavour, low acidity, unique bouquet and superior quality characteristics. How we do it?