Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Product Details

Pure superior quality extra virgin olive oil, using a unique blend of Greek olive varieties to achieve the reach taste,  intense fruitiness and well balanced pungent and bitterness characteristics.

The careful selection of raw materials, processes used, and package ensure that all the precious nutrients are well balanced and preserved.

It comes in the following packaging:

  • Bag-in-box: 5lt, 10lt*
  • Tin: 4lt*
  • Glass bottle: 250/ 500 / 750/ 1000 ml*

Nutrition info

  • Energy
  • Fat
  • Carbohydrates
  • Protein
  • Salt

Quality matters

We have selected the best EVOO varieties with a big range of fruitiness/aromas and tastes that meet the highest percentage of our customers’ preferences. NeaYefsi extra virgin olive oil is distinguished for its aroma, vivid colour, rich flavour, low acidity, unique bouquet and superior quality characteristics. How we do it?

We select olive oil comming from trees that are growing and soaking up the sunshine, in the best places around Greece, where the fruit thrives in the best possible way. The size of the olive landfields is coming across with the population of the trees to ensure that they always have enough space and nutrients needed to grow and maintain all their valuable ingredients.

Every golden drop contains the unique nutrients of the olive fruit and the love of the people who take care of them every day with dearness and warmth. High experienced farmers are trimming the olive trees and sheltering and enriching the soil to ensure the best quality and sustainability of the landfields. Our golden olives are being picked by the hands from the farmers in the most traditional means, with a so called olive comb while they are still on the trees. In thisway we can ensure that only the most fresh and the healthiest fruits end up on our customers’ table, while maintaing sustainability of the olive trees, that are exposed to the minimum shock.

What makes Nea Yefsi extra virgin olive oil so unique,is the process we use, where instead of heating the fruit, we choose to cold press it. As opposed to the majority of the market, none of our oils are chemically refined where scary processes are reducing the taste, and destroying the valuable nutrients which are essential for the well-being of our body. We ensure that within 24 hours from harvesting out oil is being processed through a two or three phase mills (depending on the specific taste we want to achieve), pressed and being centrifuged at temperatures below 25oC, preserving the amazing taste of Nea Yefsi while retaining all the vital nutrients. To achieve this, we directly after harvesting our olives we slowly cold press them at temperatures below 25oC. s. Then we proceed to the maturation of the oil where we carefully bottle it into UV resistant bottles within less than 12 hours after collecting it as a fruit from the tree. This process allows us not to heat the olives during the pressing which preserves the amazing taste of NeaYefsi with all the vital nutrients.

After processing, oil is categorised according to its organoleptic characteristics, filetered to settle out further any remaining partictulate matter and stored in big stainless steel tanks with nitrogen on top, and water masks to maintain constant temperature less than 18oC throughout the year. This prevents oxidization of the oil when coming in contact with the oxygen of the atmosphere and the heat, preserving the fruitness and all the nutrients in excellent condition. The Nea Yefsi extra virgin olive oil is then carefully bottled in bag-in-box or UV resistant bottles, preserving the intense fruitiness and balanced pungent/bitterness characteristics.