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Nea Yefsi Distinctive EVOO has a strong peppery finish and bitterness, and intense flavor, for those who seek a strong aftertaste.
Nea Yefsi Balanced EVOO is characterized by proportionate levels of bitternes, pungency and aroma making it suitable for all culinary experiences.
Extra Virgin EVOO is an every day selection for those who prefer mild organoleptic characteristics.
Nea Yefsi Range of EVOO/Sunflower Blends uses different ratios of EVOO and Sunflower Oil to offer our customers healthy alternatives for their dishes.

Quality is number one for us. While most of our oils are not certified organic, they are grown sustainably by small farms.
Moreover, our products before being packed and shipped are analyzed by internationally accredited laboratories to verify the quality of the products.
Upon request we can also offer organically certified products.

Unlike wine, olive oil does not get better with age. Check the Best By Date (BBD) when purchasing olive oil and make sure to use the oil within few months once the bottle is opened.
Avoid heat, air and light to prolong the shelf life and maintain the quality of the olive oil. Store in a dark, cool place

Currently our products are available in USA and upon request in any other country.
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